Do I Hate Taiwanese?

If there is anyone asked me this question… I will definitely say YES!

I hate them when they do not care of some one else around them! Yeah  I know.. it is the basic right of everyone to do what they want to, but at the same time you can not blind your eyes that around you also exist someone else who probably do not the same with you! In values… in way of life… in everything!!!

I have read an article title “the crisis of liberalism”  and I show the symptoms in Taiwan as liberal country! Aha… maybe I can find it anywhere… not only in this small country. But yeah… I do really dislike them, who only thinking about themselves no matter they are Taiwanese or not.

A simple case… it is a habit of Taiwanese to do everything in “brak-brak-brak” way. Well… I do not how to translate it to English. Hahaha… let me give you an example, in Indonesia manner, every parents will teach their children to do everything in proper ways and as much as possible do not create any noise in order to do not disturb your surrounding. But in Taiwan? THEY WON’T CARE OF IT. They will make any noise as much as possible.

I remember, when a friend visit me from Indonesia. The first time he saw the manner of this Taiwanese his question is “mereka lagi marah mbak?”. He3… and I answered, “Bukan itu emang style mereka. Banting sana-banting sini!”.

If you were in the canteen during the break time, you can enjoy this noise and unfriendly sound to your ears. BUT HOW IF THIS SITUATION HAPPEN IN YOUR ROOM? ALWAYS AND ALWAYS..

Well… this is actually the common situation in my room, since I have a Taiwanese roomate. When she did that “brak-brak” activity, usually I just trying to understand that habit and take my earphone and then listen to my favourite musics. And now I realize, it is not the way to solve it. Because they will never understand!

Different reaction was happen today, she entered the room and the first “braak…” happened when she took her bag on the table. Then the second “braak…” she put her slipper to the floor. Then the third “braak…” she opened and closed the wardrobe. And then the forth “braak…” it is me! Opened the desk drawer and took my earphone.


I do not know why I am so in-bad-mood today!


9 thoughts on “Do I Hate Taiwanese?

  1. hehehehe..

    Semakin paham kebiasaan ini.. ternyata bukan cuma di Lab saya..
    Kalo pada nutup pintu.. ckck.. biarpun beda lab, beda ruang, bisa terkaget-kaget, sampe dinding bergetar-kayak gempa-.. 😀

    BTW, sy punya teman kontrakan dulu mirip gitu.. sampe teman anak jawa yg sekontrakan bilang.. “lg marah ya ?”
    karena kebiasaan.. 😀

    • nah poin terkaget-kagetnya itu yg bikin bt selangit…
      bayangkan kita lagi enak2 baca, tiba ada yang seenak hatinya main “brak-brak”. Ni jantung langsung berpacu berkali-kali…

      Lagi enak-enak tidur… terbangun jam 2 dini hari karena ada yang menjatuhan gelas besi! (well… klo ini bukan org Taiwan, wkwkwkwk)

      So kesimpulannya… tergantung dr individunya? Gitu Yo? hehehe

  2. Brakkk juga… 😀
    Case 1 : ceritanya anak lokal, sebut si A, baru tutup pintu lab….brak….
    Case 2: ceritanya anak lokal, sebut si B, baru tutup pintu lab…..tik…tik..tik… (pelan-pelan maksudnya)

    Jadi memang kadang tergantung orangnya juga.

    Brakkkk lagi (ceritanya si A baru tutup pintu lab)


    • salam brakkk! hehehe
      semoga kita g jantungan 😛
      yaps.. u r right… tergantung org nya juga ^___^

      btw si A suruh lewat pintu yg g ad daun pintunya aja… biar g brakk-brakk.. 😛

  3. why i hate taiwanese is because most of them are racists ….. i am a Chinese . but i hate taiwanese so much ,,,not because we are just difference politic stands,…. They probably love to become Americans or Japanese….but is there any possibility? i mean they didn’t even think themselves are Human being …

  4. i was born taiwanese. I m one of the rare who hated taiwanese to the core of my soul .

    not only do i agree on what westerners have to say about these taiwan people but also agree on the Chinese person.

    Hated this shit ” country ” so much that i will do anything to LEAVE tHIS place FOREVER !!!!

    • wow.. seems like there a big trauma happen to you 🙂
      For me.. I love Taiwan, I even want to live there forever, hehehehe ^_^
      But somehow, there are some people I dislike, but does not mean I hate all 🙂

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