Looking For You.. “S”

Its kinda long time… you disappeared from me…

In the beginning, I do not realize you have gone.

But when my face become so clumsy,

my forehead painted by ugly wrinkled,

my head feel so heavy…

I know that I have lost you


I try to dive, deep in side my heart

Whispering to my logic that another brush

is trying to draw a wider one for me

But why… I can not sense the joy?


It seems like I am in the intersection

When I decide to find you..

I will omit the other’s

No… not because I take you from them

Or replace mine with theirs

Yet… you can only fix in on place

on mine… or their…


And now…

should I just let you stay at their happiness?

Is not their contented mean everything for me?

And slowly…

I hope you can come back to me…

Is that possible?


~~ In this beautiful world… I do really need you “S” to make this bliss more and more colourful

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