Little Thing Called “Upset”

I did experiences upset previously to many people with many reasons. But this recent upset so-so-so-so different. I cannot define what is exactly what I feel… I did not know how to express this upset except crying. And feel like I am so-so-so-so childish. Fufufu..

I checked my period schedule, probably it caused by the hormonal disturbance, hahaha. Well, is that really makes sense? πŸ˜› Hm… or is that pre-marriage syndrome? Well, I am starting to listed any logic (and possible) reasons. πŸ˜›

But I know it is not… It is 100% the upset feeling that I have to neutralize, soonest. Otherwise I will disturb my coming precious great moment in life. Aarrgggh… you just coming at the wrong time, little upset!

*time to move on*


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